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Aggregates & Materials Processing Laboratory

Welcome on the web pages of the GPEM laboratory!

Materials process-making is GPEM’s (Aggregates and Materials Processing Lab) main activity. Core skills such as materials characterization and concrete processing  are now expanded to eco-friendly materials like raw earth and eco-processes like heat recovery in asphalt mixing plants.

17 permanent members work at the lab, including 7 researchers and 7 technicians. Bogdan Cazacliu is the lab manager and Patrick Richard is his deputy.  

Our research revolves around four main topics (Aggregates, Rheology, Processes and Recycling) and focuses on a multidisciplinary approach to a number of fields ( civil and process engineering, physics, mechanics, mathematics and numerical modelling).

The lab’s technical culture relies on its members’ deep experience of civil engineering and industry and allows for the development of cutting edge experimental projects, generating added value for our various partnerships.

The lab’s various academic partnerships range from the regional to national and international level.