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Aggregates and granular materials

VDG40 videograder, CECP Rouen

 Malvern Mastersizer 2000 particle size analyzer

Polished Stone Value (PSV) testing apparatus

Los Angeles testing machine (NF EN 1097)

MicroDEVAL testing machine (NF EN 1097)

Sieve shaker & sieves

Rheology of granular pastes

Industrial scale concrete production plant

Several mixers:

Eirich intensive mixer  5l/10l

Skako Couvrot 40 l planetary mixer

Faya 50 l twin shaft mixer




Recycling of C&DW

Alljig  water jig for the separation of construction materials




Process optimisation

Semi industrial facility for testing a heat recovery system for rotary kilns





Other facilities 

High speed camera  Phantom Miro 320s, 12 bit, 1920x1200,  (2700 fps à 1024x1024), 6 GB RAM
Infrared camera Optris PI450
Resolution :  382 x 288 pixels
Spectrum range : 7,5 à 13 μm
Frequency image : 80 Hz
Range of T°C : -20°C à 100°C, 0°C à 250°C, 150°C à 900°C
Instrunet acqusition system,
thermocouples, humidity sensors, etc.
6 axis ATI Nano 17 force sensor
Mechanical workshop, Caterpillar loader, Fenwick forklift truck, crane